About Valligent

Valligent is a leading alternative residential property valuation company employing proprietary patent pending processes and technologies. We are trusted by hundreds of banks, credit unions, and financial institutions. We pride ourselves on employing the most experienced and knowledgeable valuation analysts, powered by advanced analytics for every assignment.

Valligent sits at the center of the residential property valuations ecosystem that provides superior service to our clients through a solution driven team approach. We focus on our client's success by providing speed, quality and flexibility. Our mission is to exceed client expectations by providing timely real estate information through a transparent process that meets all industry requirements in a complex regulatory environment.

Our Team


Jeremy McCarty Chief Executive Officer / Founder

As co-founder of Valligent, Jeremy is leading the company in revolutionizing residential property valuation through use of expert systems technology and advanced analytics. Drawing on 30+ years in the appraisal industry, Jeremy has been a leader in developing next generation property valuation products and has spearheaded a variety of breakthroughs in technologies and processes that are driving fundamental transformation of the mortgage industry. Jeremy has led Valligent’s development of a propriety patent pending valuation process that is significantly altering the status quo by dramatically reducing cycle times and decreasing costs while increasing quality standards.  Jeremy’s focus is to measure accurate valuation turn times in minutes, rather than the industry standard of weeks.


Jeff Wickham President and Chief Operating Officer / Founder

As a co-founder of Valligent, Jeff has acted as its President and Chief Operating Officer since inception in 2002, and is responsible for the company’s financial performance, implementation of the company’s product solutions, ensuring end-to-end delivery of its services, and providing cost-effective oversight of staff, resources and budget. Through innovative management and commitment to development of efficient technology-based solutions, Jeff continues to drive excellence and process improvement to all aspects of the company.

Jeff has over 30 years of experience in the lending and real estate industries. He earned an MBA from Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, California in 1999 and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska. He also maintains Residential Appraiser Certifications in various states.