Convenient Occupant-Enabled Property Inspection​
ValINSPECTSM VIRTUAL is a residential occupant-enabled property inspection that provides a cost effective, thorough, and accurate collection of interior and/or exterior property data through a mobile device to produce a trustworthy property report.

Virtual Inspections Benefit the Occupant and Requestor

A real-time, live-streaming video connection is made between the home’s occupant’s mobile device and a trained virtual inspector to collect the information necessary for the property report.

Versatile and Widely Used

User Friendly

No mobile app is required. Works seamlessly on camera-enabled mobile devices.

Virtual inspector walks home occupants through a logical, easy-to-follow process.

Quick Inspection

Inspection takes 20-40 minutes, depending on the home and property size.

Occupant is contacted within as little as 1-hour of the order placement to schedule the inspection.

Consistent Results

Virtual inspectors are experienced and follow a prescribed procedure.

Inspection report is manually QC’d, and performance is audited monthly.

Fraud Protection

Geo-location technology and manual verification are used to functionally eliminate the possibility of fraud.

Inspectors are trained to sense if the occupant is attempting to hide anything, and any concerns will result in a recommendation for escalation.

Useful for Lenders, Appraisers, and Real Estate Professionals

5 Easy Steps to a Trustworthy Virtual Inspection

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