Mitigates Monetary Loss From Property Valuations
The ValPROTECT Warranty (ValPROTECTSM) offers partial recovery of monetary loss if a property valuation is inaccurate above a designated threshold and certain policy criteria are met. ValPROTECT aims to ensure the subject property’s assessed value on the day of determination is accurate.

Protect Your Business and Investors

Adding the ValPROTECT Warranty to a Valligent property valuation can help mitigate monetary loss when specific situations occur, such as a defaulted loan or when a loan is determined uncollectible due to a flawed valuation. The ValPROTECT Warranty is maintained for five years from the initial valuation run date, even if the loan is transferred.

Allows lenders the confidence to work with valuation products completed by a non-appraiser. 

Can reduce the out-of-pocket loss for defaulted loans where there was a significant valuation error. 

Can reduce financial exposure to the current real estate market.

Loans accompanied by a valuation with ValPROTECT may have a greater value in the secondary market.

Add the ValPROTECT Warranty

ValPROTECT may be added to the following Valligent products when they are ordered:

Triggers for a ValPROTECT Claim1

A ValPROTECT Warranty claim may be considered when the following criteria in the policy are met:

1(Subject to certain conditions including the aggregate policy limit of $3 million.)

1st Trigger

Loan default or an investor buyback demand.

2nd Trigger

A valuation error must have been made, overstating the value of the subject property by 10% or more.

3rd Trigger

There must be an actual monetary loss with a minimum of $5,000 per claim due to the original valuation.

Simple Warranty Claim Process


Lender  submits a claim request and necessary paperwork.


Unitas® and Fortegra® review the claim against policy guidelines.

Subject to Change

Unique Ordering Requirements

When a lender agrees to add ValPROTECT to a Valligent product, they agree to apply the ValPROTECT Warranty to all similar product orders to mitigate any adverse selection risk. This can be accomplished through product mapping and/or reporting.

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